Month: March 2018

  • Dispensing the Sweet Fragrance of Christ

    Hyacinth—the sweet fragrance of spring—triggers a favorite memory. Growing up, my brother Charlie and I joined other neighborhood kids to wait for the school bus at a friend’s house across the road from where we lived. On spring mornings, the delightful fragrance of Mrs. Roller’s hyacinths filled the air. The fragrance takes me back to […]

  • Another Trip to the Garbage Dump

    Just made another trip to the garbage dump. I despise that stinkin’ place. Sorry to say, I’ve spent too much time there. Some of the junk I’d discarded had somehow made its way back into my life. A scrap of anger. A handful of discouragement. A chunk of worry. A sliver of fear. A crumb […]

  • Following Jesus One Faltering Step at a Time

    A woman stepped off an escalator at the shopping mall, paused briefly, and said to a friend who was following, “Where are we going?” Her friend answered, “I don’t know. Where are we?” Overhearing the conversation, I smiled, recognizing a significant life principle: we need to know where we are to figure out where we’re […]

  • Discerning Motive: Legacy or Vanity?

    I wish I could say my motive was legacy but I now know it was vanity. As a young journalist I’d noticed articles reporting the death of local and national leaders appeared on the newspaper’s front page, above the fold, accompanied by a photo. With the passion of youth and ego, I began pouring my […]