Month: August 2018

  • Benefits of Staying Nestled under God’s Wings

    Welcome my friend, Karen “Girl” Friday. Her thoughts on staying nestled under God’s wings will encourage you to find your place there–under His wings. By Karen Friday She flew away when the front door opened. Inside the flowers of my spring wreath, I found the beginnings of her nest. I realized our constant door activity […]

  • Joy, Faith Confront Stalkers Weariness, Discouragement

    Joy. Got any? The Lord and I were having a conversation about the future. He noticed I felt a bit disheartened. (He’s good at that—knowing the thoughts of my heart.) A while back, I’d asked, “What’s next?” He’d laid out an action plan, specific steps that would lead to a desired place. “I don’t understand,” […]

  • Low Self-esteem–a Condition with a Solution

    Low self-esteem is a condition that has a solution. Last week I said low self-esteem is the result of thoughts, temperament, and treatment. And I suggested memorizing these truths: I am fearfully and wonderfully made. I am here on purpose. I won’t compare my weakness with someone else’s strength. I do some things well. I […]

  • Low Self-esteem Is a Humanity Thing

    Low self-esteem is a humanity thing. I believe most people struggle with this—some of us more than others. Low self-esteem results from thoughts, temperament, and treatment. I’ve discussed the importance of taking control of our thoughts, but what can we do about temperament? We’re born with personality traits that continue developing as we grow. During […]