Month: September 2018

  • Tug of War Depicts Our Christian Life

    Tug of war…remember that sport you played as a child? Two teams line up and grab opposite ends of a rope. Then each team tries to pull the other down. Do you sometimes feel that represents the Christian life? We grab the rope and take our stand confidently, knowing the Lord in all his strength […]

  • Forgive Yourself–Go Forward in Joy

    Forgive yourself? Just can’t do it? We’ve talked about regret and learned from David, the king of Israel, who had a colossal failure. He slept with another man’s wife, got her pregnant, and tried to cover his sin by arranging for her husband to be killed in battle so she could become his wife. How […]

  • Regret…What Are You Doing with Yours?

    Regret will eat your life, if you let it. After a couple of significant falls, I’ve made a note in my journal for January 11: stay in bed. On that date in 1998, my foot slipped in the church parking lot. I landed on the hard asphalt and broke my right wrist. Five weeks in […]