Month: October 2018

  • Watch Your Step…There’s a Pit Ahead!

    I need a safe place to confess…I fell into the pit again. The pit of discouragement. It’s a trap, and I do my best to avoid it. Didn’t even see that dark hole till I tumbled in. Then I knew exactly where I’d landed. I’ve been there before. The plunge happened while I was carrying […]

  • Trivial–When You Hear This Word, Be Careful

    While giving self a lecture on the foolishness of allowing trivial matters to interrupt my fellowship with the Lord, I suddenly had a mental picture of the lush garden called Eden where Adam and his wife Eve enjoyed fellowship with the Creator. In this ideal setting the couple lived in peace, taking care of the […]

  • Afraid of a Few Lions? God Can Deliver!

    Afraid of a few ferocious lions? No worries. God still delivers! Impossible circumstances call for divine intervention. Daniel knew all about that. His story captivates us still. Daniel was among the Hebrews taken captive to Babylon. He had “an excellent spirit” and King Darius showed favor, giving him a distinguished position in his government. Other […]

  • Who’s Able to Deliver? Only Our God!

    Has God shown himself able to deliver you in threatening circumstances? Are you convinced he is able? Three young men who were among the Hebrews taken to Babylon refused to worship the king’s golden image, choosing instead loyalty to their most high God. For disobedience to his royal decree, King Nebuchadnezzar ordered the men brought […]

  • God Is Able, Isn’t He? Make up Your Mind!

    Able. The word means capable, competent, proficient, skilled (thank you, Thesaurus). That’s what a child is saying when he insists, “Do it myself!” He thinks he is able. Unable, of course, means I can’t do it myself. When circumstances bring us to the end of ourselves and smack us in the face with our inability, […]