Month: November 2018

  • When You Need a Reason to Praise

    Praise the Lord! That’s what we say when he answers a prayer or gives an unexpected blessing. But how do we respond in hard places when we see no reason to praise? In such a place I began making a list of reasons to praise. Immediately I found six in the first six verses of […]

  • Thanksgiving…an Everyday Lifestyle

    Thanksgiving isn’t just a one-day observance. It’s an everyday lifestyle. And it’s sweet when we offer thanks without asking for anything. Gratitude spills from the heart as we maintain an on-going conversation with the Lord. Throughout the day as he pours out his love and mercy, we respond with thanksgiving. Or not. I admit my […]

  • Can You Trust God When He’s Silent?

    Job is one of my favorite Biblical friends. No matter what Satan threw at him, he stood firm and maintained his integrity. His story is the chronicle of incomprehensible loss. He had questions. And he wished he’d never been born. But he didn’t cave. He lost everything that mattered. And God was silent. He felt […]

  • Why…the Question God Hears Most

    Why, God…why did you let this happen? You could have done something! Why didn’t you? Heartbreak sends us to our knees, begging God for answers. If only we understood his purpose in heartbreak… Have you been there, devastated by calamity, crying out for an explanation? Well-meaning comforters sometimes pour on the guilt, saying we shouldn’t […]