Month: March 2020

  • Encouragement for the Chaos

    On Saturday the purple martins returned. We’d been watching for them. I guess they didn’t hear about the virus—or weren’t worried about it. Only one couple has taken up residence. Seeing them perched on the pole and exploring the gourd houses brings great delight. They remind me to follow their example, relying on our heavenly […]

  • Turn Failure into Something Delicious!

    It was a colossal baking failure. “How did your muffins turn out?” hubby said. “Terrible!” “Then throw them out.” “Oh, no,” I said. “I can eat them.” Immediately I began thinking of ways to make them better. I’d made those muffins several times using raisins and dried apricots. But the raisins are high-calorie. Why not […]

  • Fear: Could This Be Our Dress Rehearsal?

    Fear has overtaken us. And it’s legitimate. The threat of corona virus is real. The virus has interrupted our lives. Of course, we’re afraid. Life has changed. For how long? No one knows. For this period, we will avoid large gatherings and self-isolate as much as possible. Who would’ve thought our world would come to […]

  • Obedience–How Important Is It?

    Every parent knows the challenge of teaching obedience. Children must learn to respect our authority and follow our instructions. Obedience is not optional. That’s also expected of life with our heavenly Father. We must respect his authority and follow his instructions. Looking back, we can attribute most mess-ups to failure in those two areas. We […]

  • After the Storm, then What?

    A massive storm passed through early one morning. Pouring rain, boisterous thunder, and spears of lightning illuminating the darkness. Within half an hour it had moved on, leaving my community drenched but otherwise unscathed. We soon heard reports that a neighboring town didn’t fare so well. Residents were mourning more than property loss—injury and death. […]