Month: April 2020

  • Noah Kept Nailing One Board at a Time

    Ya gotta love that guy Noah. Some days on this earth are just plain hard. We seek the Lord and do our best to follow him wholeheartedly—but that doesn’t insulate us from set-backs and discouragement. Many days are exhausting. At times we wonder…is it worth it to keep pouring out my life? As a journalist, […]

  • Inspiration from a Rabbit’s Burrow

    I never expected to receive inspiration from a rabbit’s burrow. What’s the sweetest scene you’ve witnessed in the animal world? Growing up on a small farm, I saw kittens, puppies, and calves soon after they were born. Over the years, our family has loved assorted pets. These days, our temperamental cat elicits smiles and coos […]

  • Are You Feeling the Pain of the Pandemic?

    Are you feeling the “pain of the pandemic?” I hadn’t thought of being confined to home as painful, but a news commentator used that word. Home is my favorite place. I’d rather be there than anywhere else. Since my two children and two grandchildren live out of state, I don’t see them often. We’re staying […]

  • Because Christ Lives, We Have Hope!

    Have you ever run low on hope? Maybe you’ve felt totally hopeless. I’ve had moments when I came close. But the Lord never lets me stay long in that place. Always he refreshes me. I found this precious promise: “I will refresh the weary and satisfy the faint” (Jeremiah 31:25 NIV). Only the Lord can […]