Month: July 2020

  • Have You Ever Asked God Why?

    Why, God…why did you let this happen? You could have done something! Why didn’t you? Heartbreak sends us to our knees, begging God for answers. If only we understood his purpose in heartbreak… Have you been there, devastated by calamity, crying out for an explanation? Well-meaning comforters sometimes pour on the guilt, saying we shouldn’t […]

  • A Conversation with the Lord

    Skimming old journal notes, I found this. I do not remember the circumstance that prompted the conversation, but perhaps my working through the challenge will encourage you today. Lord, have I learned the lesson? Have I learned to rest? Have I learned to pray? I only know I have made a choice today, to set […]

  • Believing God in Hard Places

    What if you knew that, in your hard place, God would meet your needs and bring you through the challenge in an amazing display of his faithfulness? Would believing that change anything? Someone in a hard place sent this: “I was reading over some of my many verses the Lord has given me during this […]

  • What Does It Mean to Be Found Faithful?

    Have you wondered what it means to be found faithful? Webster defines faithful: “steadfast in affection or allegiance…firm in adherence to promises or in observance of duty.” Thesaurus uses these words to enhance the meaning: authentic, loyal, devoted, trustworthy, dependable, reliable, dedicated, committed. My understanding: being found faithful means being a good steward of the […]