Month: June 2021

  • Low Self-esteem Is a Condition that Has a Solution

    Low self-esteem is a condition that has a solution. Last week I said low self-esteem is the result of thoughts, temperament, and treatment. And I suggested memorizing these truths: I am fearfully and wonderfully made. I am here on purpose. I won’t compare my weakness with someone else’s strength. I do some things well. I […]

  • Low Self-esteem Is a Humanity Thing

    Low self-esteem is a humanity thing. I believe most people struggle with this—some of us more than others. Low self-esteem results from thoughts, temperament, and treatment. I’ve discussed the importance of taking control of our thoughts, but what can we do about temperament? We’re born with personality traits that continue developing as we grow. During […]

  • Self-esteem Is a Fragile Thing

    Self-esteem is a fragile thing. Let’s talk about it. What is esteem? I consulted two friends (Webster’s Ninth New Collegiate Dictionary and my computer Thesaurus) for synonyms, intending to discuss my struggle with low self-esteem, explain how I overcame it, and give a how-to package with a pretty bow on top. But my victory in […]

  • Crisis Praying…How David Prayed in a Cave

    Crisis praying is serious praying. David the giant-slayer found himself in one crisis after another. Fleeing from jealous King Saul, he hid in a cave and prayed his heart out. I learned from his experience recorded in Psalm 142. His cave-crisis praying began with crying out to God. He ran to God. “I cried unto […]