Month: July 2021

  • Breaking News! God Is Stronger Than All the Giants!

    Giants! They’re everywhere! Have you encountered any in your neighborhood? Wish you could’ve seen the two ogres that hurled me to the ground, knocking all hope right out of me. One pinned me down—his name was Doubt—while his buddy, Unbelief, pummeled me and a cluster of their wicked brothers (Fear, Worry, Discouragement, and Despair), smiled […]

  • Breaking News: God Can Handle Impossible

    Are you in the middle of impossible? Among the synonyms that my computer’s Thesaurus lists for impossible, I found this: without a solution. Webster says “felt to be incapable of being done, attained, or fulfilled.” Likely you’ve been in a hard situation that seemed to have no way out. Maybe you’re there today. You weary […]

  • Breaking News: God Makes All Things New

    Don’t you love new things? Whether fragrant new rose blossoms, a new hair style, a new dress, a new sofa, a new car, a new recipe…most of us enjoy new. New triggers excitement. And usually it measures up to our expectations. Do you want to hear something really exciting? “Therefore if any man be in […]

  • Another Trip to the Garbage Dump

    Just made another trip to the garbage dump. I despise that stinkin’ place. Sorry to say, I’ve spent too much time there. Some of the junk I’d discarded had somehow made its way back into my life. A scrap of anger. A handful of discouragement. A chunk of worry. A sliver of fear. A crumb […]