Month: August 2021

  • Watch Your Step…There’s a Pit Ahead!

    I fell into the pit again. The pit of discouragement. It’s a trap, and I do my best to avoid it. Didn’t even see that dark hole till I tumbled in.

  • A Mother’s Heart Never Loses Hope

    I wonder what she thought—the mother of the prodigal son. We know nothing about her. She isn’t mentioned in the parable Jesus related in Luke 15:11-32. Although Scripture does not record the mother’s experience, with my mind’s eye I caught a behind-the-scenes glimpse from the perspective of a modern-day mother, recognizing vast differences in our […]

  • Breaking News! I Can Live the Abundant Life Anywhere!

    So how does all this breaking news impact my daily life? Let’s review. God makes all things new. This amazing adventure called “the Christian life” began when I trusted Jesus as my Savior and Lord. He did this incredible thing—he made me a new person! “Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a […]

  • Breaking News! I Can Live in Hope in Lonely Places

    Hope: “to cherish a desire with expectation of fulfillment” (Webster). How do we hold on to that little four-letter word when we’re caught in a swirling current that threatens to drown us? The key is choosing a reliable foundation for our hope. Over many years I’ve collected Bible verses about hope. I can find these […]

  • Breaking News: I Can Live in Joy, No Matter What

    Here’s what I know about joy. It can’t be manufactured. It doesn’t depend on circumstances. It’s a gift from the Lord. It’s part of the cluster of fruit produced by the Holy Spirit residing in believers. It can’t be stolen by anything, ever! So…what do you know about joy? Has yours been touch-and-go? Mine was, […]