Month: October 2021

  • When You Have a Need, Just Get to Jesus!

    “Jesus! Jesus!” A woman shrieked as she ran through the crowd, carrying the limp body of her son. The drama wasn’t real. It was an Easter presentation, portraying a fictional scene from the life of Jesus. And it took my breath. I could see myself there and feel the pain and desperation of this distraught […]

  • The Hardest Part of the Christian Life—Resting

    The hardest part the Christian life is resting. You wouldn’t think so. We need rest. We desire rest. In weariness we cry out for rest. The Lord promised us rest. Yet relaxing in a cushioned recliner or sleeping on a plush quilted mattress, we do not rest. Rest is an inner work of God. Jesus […]

  • God Never Wastes Heartbreak

    Is there anyone among us who has not known heartbreak? Death stole someone you love. A friend betrayed you. A spouse deserted you. A child disappointed you. An illness interrupted your life. Heartbreak comes in all shapes and sizes, and it changes us. In our pain we cry out, Why? I have no adequate answer […]

  • So How Are You Handling that Besetting Sin?

    Is there an area of your life where Satan is too much for you? A besetting sin that repeatedly knocks you off your feet? A habit you’ve given to the Lord yet still wrestle to overcome? What’s its name? Greed. Gluttony. Pride. Strife. Anger. Fear. Corrupt communication. Negative thinking. Bitterness. Lust. Unforgiveness. Addiction. I read […]