Month: September 2021

  • Lord, Am I too Hard for You?

    Have you ever wondered if you were too hard for God? If the weaknesses of your personality were too hard for him? If your repeated failures were too hard for him? Desiring a consistent, victorious walk with the Lord, you try and try and try again, only to fall on your face. Disappointed in yourself, […]

  • Seeing God in Everything

    “See God in everything.” I came across that idea as young mom striving for perfection and seeking the Lord for direction. A friend had mentioned her daily devotional, Streams in the Desert, sharing how the Lord had used it to enrich her Christian walk. I immediately bought a copy and began reading each day’s selection […]

  • Regret…What Are You Doing with Yours?

    Regret will eat your life, if you let it. After a couple of significant falls, I’ve made a note in my journal for January 11: stay in bed. On that date in 1998, my foot slipped in the church parking lot. I landed on the hard asphalt and broke my right wrist. Five weeks in […]

  • Feeling Overcome? There’s a Way Out

    Overcome. Have you ever felt that word? Just overcome. Too much to deal with. Too many disturbances in your life. Too much heartbreak. Too many concerns out of your hands. Too much. Period. Me too. Consulting Webster, I didn’t find the word used in that sense. The definition had a positive slant: to get the […]