Presentations / Conferences

Presentations and conferences…

Help!  I’m Stuck and I Can’t Get Out! (5 sessions)

  • Making a Good Husband (my story)
  • It’s Hard for Everybody (overview of personalities)
  • Snares, Tares and Tumbleweeds (major stresses in marriage)
  • Golden Anniversary Guarantee (the surrendered life)
  • Twelve Keys to an Extraordinary Marriage (applying Scripture to daily walk)

Living in the Joy (4 sessions)

  • God’s purpose for your life
  • God’s plan for overcoming hurt
  • God’s program for carefree living
  • God’s power for living in joy

Safely Through the Bulrushes

  • Biblical anchors for parenting the strong-willed child

Exhausted but Still in Pursuit

  • Lessons in perseverance from the life of Gideon

Loving Cantankerous People

  • Honoring God in difficult relationships

Blessings in the Briar Patch

  • Learning to trust when we can’t see God’s purpose

I Don’t Chase the Garbage Truck down the
Street in My Bathrobe Anymore!

  • Organizing for the maximum life

Living Above the Circumstances

  • Survival kit for climbing higher

God is Making Pearls

  • Making sense of suffering

Feather Strength in Desert Places

  • Encouragement for care-givers

Where’s the Peace?

  • My story…finding and following Jesus

Single presentations are approximately 45 minutes and can be combined and tailored to event.