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  • So How Are You Handling that Besetting Sin?

    Is there an area of your life where Satan is too much for you? A besetting sin that repeatedly knocks you off your feet? A habit you’ve given to the Lord yet still wrestle to overcome? What’s its name? Greed. Gluttony. Pride. Strife. Anger. Fear. Corrupt communication. Negative thinking. Bitterness. Lust. Unforgiveness. Addiction. I read […]

  • A Mother’s Heart Never Loses Hope

    I wonder what she thought—the mother of the prodigal son. We know nothing about her. She isn’t mentioned in the parable Jesus related in Luke 15:11-32. Although Scripture does not record the mother’s experience, with my mind’s eye I caught a behind-the-scenes glimpse from the perspective of a modern-day mother, recognizing vast differences in our […]

  • Breaking News! I Can Live the Abundant Life Anywhere!

    So how does all this breaking news impact my daily life? Let’s review. God makes all things new. This amazing adventure called “the Christian life” began when I trusted Jesus as my Savior and Lord. He did this incredible thing—he made me a new person! “Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a […]

  • Worry–Is There a Better Way to Do Life?

    Worry is one thing I do well. I suspect you do, too.  There’s plenty to worry about in this life! I’m learning to conquer worry by casting every care on the Lord. That’s the second key to dispensing the sweet fragrance of Christ as we walk through this life. Last week we looked at the […]

  • The Altar of Surrender…Only Safe Place for Precious Things

    The altar is the only safe place for precious things…it’s the surrender place. I learned that while struggling to find a place to hide a few precious things. I wasn’t sure I could trust God with them. Don’t let my comment shock you. Haven’t you felt the same way? Those precious things—precious ones—in your life…if […]

  • Who’s CEO of Your Life?

    Once there was a woman who owned her own business, but the responsibility of running it proved quite an undertaking. “This is too much for me,” she said. “I need someone to run the business.” Finding a capable person, she made him president. “I have full confidence in your ability,” she said. “I’m leaving everything […]

  • Are You Living the Abundant Life?

    Abundant life is life with a capital L. Hebrews seemed a difficult book for me. I’d heard much teaching on this writing, but it was never my favorite place to read—until I opened the Amplified Version. I found this expanded meaning of the word faith: “leaning the entire personality on God in absolute confidence in […]

  • Joy, Faith Confront Stalkers Weariness, Discouragement

    Joy. Got any? The Lord and I were having a conversation about the future. He noticed I felt a bit disheartened. (He’s good at that—knowing the thoughts of my heart.) A while back, I’d asked, “What’s next?” He’d laid out an action plan, specific steps that would lead to a desired place. “I don’t understand,” […]

  • Do You Struggle Living the Christian Life?

    Much of my Christian life has been a struggle. At age seven I invited Jesus into my heart as Savior, but I struggled with doubt for many years until Romans 10:13 settled the issue forever. “For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.” With my seven-year-old understanding, I called. He […]